Film Set w/ Nelly in Griffith Park

When I shoot model tests for agencies, I very rarely shoot only film - typically just grabbing a few shots for personal fulfillment. For this set with Russian model Nelly, I took the jump and shot only 35mm and medium format film both on Kodak Portra 400 and kept my digital kit at home. I love Griffith Park as a reprieve from long days on the computer, and it has tons of great places along it’s network of trails to shoot photos. For this set, which we shot near Hollywoodland Camp along the trails and in an aqueduct that’s a hangout for skaters.

Nelly Griffith Park 1
Nelly Griffith Park 2
Nelly Griffith Park 3
Nelly Griffith Park 4
Nelly Griffith Park 5