Test Loft LifeStyle

Call Sheet / mood board
TBD December, 2018

Photographer: Mason Robinson / 818-913-6981 / info@mazonr.com
Assistant: Jennifer Tinoco / jenntinoco@yahoo.com
Model: Megan @ Dollhouse MGMT (Contact: Sparkle - sparkle@dollhousemanagement.com)

**Notes for Models: 
1) Makeup: As there will be no MUA for this test, please come ready in natural test makeup with clean dry hair. 
2) Wardrobe: please bring along basics - plain tees & tank, soft or jean shorts, jeans, bra, button-up shirt, etc.

25 Jefferson AVE SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(Call Mason when you arrive and I’ll let you in.)

Mood Board: lifestyle / flirty / sexy / innocent / casual